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So I’ve been on sem break since erm…two weeks ago, I think? I’ve done nothing much by read manga. Haha. Actually I was already free a week before but I couldn’t go back yet cos I had some SC stuff to do. And the manga reading had already started then. So here’s the first part of what I’d read:

On a manga roll:
+ One Piece (67 vols)
+ Hikaru no Go (23 vols)
+ Bambino! (15 vols)
+ Defense Devil (10 vols)
+ Shin Angyo Onshi (17 vols)
+ Prince of Tennis (20 vols)
+ Sakamichi no Apollon (10 vols)

Here’s a bit of something about each series I’d read…

+ One Piece – Ah…finally got to read this up to the latest chapters. I’d abandoned it after the Sky Island arc cos I couldn’t afford to buy the manga anymore. Haha. ^_^;; And wow. One Piece has still got to be one of the best manga for me. I was sobbing like a baby in the “Let’s take back our friend Robin!” arc, and then the “Let’s rescue Ace!” arc. Positively sobbing like an idiot in the latter. T_T Awesome series. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I first picked up vol 1. OMG. And it doesn’t look like it’ll be ending anytime soon. Oda-sensei, please keep going! Haha. OMG. It’s just f-ing awesome.

+ Hikaru no Go – It was time for a reread so I did. Ah… I still love this manga. ToT

+ Bambino! – A cooking manga! It’s pretty realistic, about a guy who’s trying to be a successful Italian chef. I didn’t like what happened at the ending of the manga though. It didn’t seem necessary, and kind of a lame way to show you that even if something utterly shitty happens in your life, you gotta get back up and just cook (ie, carry on with life). Or maybe because it was so abrupt, and I was reading it quite quickly that the impact wasn’t as big as it should have been. I mean, I’m a sap and usually, I’d be crying at that kind of stuff. But I didn’t. So it was kind of a miss for me. The series ended, but there actually is a second “season”, but no one is scanlating or translating it, sadly. I would have like to read more.

+ Defense Devil – picked this up to read when I found out it was a complete series. I’d been seeing the title around, though I wasn’t interested enough about it. I got curious when I saw it was a Korean team writing and drawing. The art was good. The story not too bad. But the series seemed…short. It probably could have gone many volumes more, the whole thing stretched out into a larger series with more depth. As it was, it wasn’t a bad read, but nothing really to gush about.

+ Shin Angyo Onshi – the same korean team which worked on Defense Devil. Again, I picked it up to read cos it was a complete series. This one was a lot longer, and wow. I enjoyed the series quite a lot. Initially, I was annoyed with Munsu’s Sandou for the lack of clothing and lack of expression, but it was completely explained at the end of the series, and I loved it. And actually, thank goodness she didn’t speak much. If she’d been an airhead, I’d have died. >_< But wow. Really. I love the main character. He was awesome. I still got the feeling the series could have been drawn out more, but as it was, it was quite satisfying. I definitely would recommend it.

+ Prince of Tennis – I finally read the last 20 vols or so after so many years. Haha. In truth, I don’t enjoy the manga as much as the anime, cos the anime is awesome. POT is probably the only series I have come across where it wouldn’t matter if I don’t read the manga cos the anime is all I need. Usually, I’m more of a manga than anime fan. I never did finish the anime though. Always rewatched it till after the game with Rokkaku cos that’s just how many episodes I had. ^_^; The ending wasn’t too bad. But really… O_o The skills just kept getting more and more…ridiculous. O_o I mean, er…how is Ryouma gonna get even better than he’s gotten? O_o And well, it seems he can, since we have the Shin POT series. Lordy. But I’m still reading though. Cos I’ve gotten so attached to the characters, any chance to see more of them in action is good. Haha. And I love Ryouma lots. *hugs him*

+ Sakamichi no Apollon – Finally. A josei series! This one is just cute. A guy who’s always kept a distance from everyone moves to a small town Kyushu and manages to get the attention of the class delinquent and be friends with them. And from then on, is pulled into the world of Jazz music. It’s short, and it’s a warming read: making friends, falling in and out of love and friendship, you know, the whole growing up kind of thing. =D The ending is…okayish. Well, I might have wanted a different ending, but as it was, it was a good one. ^o^

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