[manga] special mentions

These are other manga I’m currently reading and have been following. + 07 Ghost by AMEMIYA Yuki & ICHIHARA Yukino No idea if you’d classify this as shoujo or shounen, but from the colour scheme of the characters, you’d probably be tempted to call it shoujo (I wish the characters didn’t have hair colours ala […]

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[manga] 3rd part

+ Tokyo Babylon (7 vols) + Card Captor Sakura (12 vols) + The Thief with 20 Faces (2 vols) + Wish (4 vols) + Sidooh (10 vols) + Abara (2 vols) + Blame! (10 vols) + Blame! Gakuen and so on (1 vol) + NOiSE (1 vol) + Biomega (6 vols) Short comments:

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