[manga] 3rd part

+ Tokyo Babylon (7 vols)
+ Card Captor Sakura (12 vols)
+ The Thief with 20 Faces (2 vols)
+ Wish (4 vols)
+ Sidooh (10 vols)
+ Abara (2 vols)
+ Blame! (10 vols)
+ Blame! Gakuen and so on (1 vol)
+ NOiSE (1 vol)
+ Biomega (6 vols)

Short comments:

Read the above list in two days. Haha.

+ Tokyo Babylon: Wow. How many years has it been since I first became a CLAMP “fan”. Back then, someone was selling the text translations at USD5 per book. Being a student, I couldn’t afford it, not to mention, I would have to somehow source the manga as well. Even when it was licensed, I was still stubborn enough to keep buying more hardcore yaoi raws, intending to buy the TB raws eventually. Haha. But yeah, so I’ve finally read it. Wow. 12 years later? Even more? And man… Man… >_< I am in denial here. Utter denial. I need to see more of Subara and Seishirou. *sigh* I want to read X next. Yet another series that I never had the opportunity to read even though I loved the characters enough. This one, I read fan translations of even though I didn’t have the volumes. Ah…you had to love how pure the need and want of manga were back then. Nowadays, no one seems to understand that. The fact people can complain about how “slow” scanlators work is laughable, when back in the days, we were lucky to even see pictures of manga pages as a sample.

+ Card Captor Sakura: I had always avoided this one, cos the anime was the ‘in’ thing all those years back. But wow. It’s cuuuute. And it’s CLAMP all right. All the “taboo” relationships, especially the shouta/lolicon-ness without anything seeming unpure. *laughs* I seriously like Touya and Yukito. Ah, Yukito. I don’t usually have a thing for these smily-smily “I’m so clueless, but all is good” types, but he was drawn so well, all I could think of is “Gah! Adorable!”. *o* Though I’m quite a rabid yaoi fan, somehow, it seems a bit too much for me to think that Touya + Yukito love each other to that extent. Or maybe this manga was done in such a pure way, I don’t want to dirty it with impure thoughts. Hahaha.

+ The Thief with 20 Faces: I’m on a CLAMP roll. I was curious about this. And well, I skipped a lot of the text. The chapters aren’t that interesting. Like with CLAMP Campus Detectives, I don’t have much affection for the characters. But at least there were a few chapters which I thought were real sweet. Even so, I doubt I’d ever read this again.

+ Wish: Ah. This is still one of my favourite series! =D It’s so damn cuuuute, with a _little_ hint of naughtiness (aka mature adult thingies). It’s still fun. =D

+ Sidooh: Another title I’ve been seeing around, but never got round to checking out till now. Wow. OMG. After all that frills and flutters of CLAMP, I had to go read something seinen. -_- But wow. It’s a pretty awesome trip and it looks like the journey has still some ways to go. *_* I’d been keeping my eye on the mangaka’s name and he’s pretty worth the attention. Ah. Now I feel like some more samurai action.

+ Abara: Been meaning to check out Nihei Tsutomu’s work since a couple of friends really like his Blame! work. The art is really rough on this one, and it’s really hard to see what the hell’s happening. But the artwork and the storyline is remniscent of some of the American (or maybe Europoean) stuff I used to read off my uncle back when I was a kid. Nitty gritty stuff where shit happens and all goes to hell and, where sometimes, you don’t get a clearer idea of why and how and what not.

+ Blame!: A series which I’d thought I’d need to get the manga of in order to read with text translations. But after so many years, scanlations have rendered that need useless. Even so, I’d never read it. Don’t know why. But I have now. And whoa. *_* It’s a pretty compelling read. Sucks you right in, after the first some chapters. And the ending. I’m like wha? *_* Whaaa? *__* Needed to figure out the onomatopoeia to figure out what’s going on in the last two panels. But erm…I think it’s a good sorta ending? *falls over* All in all, it was a pretty interesting read.

+ Blame! Gakuen and so on: Had to read this to see if there were any other tidbits to tell us what happened to Killy after that. But nothing. ToT

+ NOiSE: A prequel to Blame! Another good read. *_* At least this one explains how the whole world got f-ed up. *_*

+ Shiba Inu: Change of pace. Wanted to see what Morita Masanori could do outside of Rookies (a baseball series I like a lot). =D It’s a pretty good collection. The first two oneshots started strongly and the title piece was awesome. And the oneshots after that were good to okay. But I have gained another level of respect for Morita-sensei now. =D

+ Biomega: Okay, went back to Nihei Tsutomu after that quick break. And wow. It’s slightly different from Blame! but just as riveting. *_* Though I thought things got uber weird in the second half of the story. *o* I mean, freaking weird. And the ending was worse than Blame!’s. O_o Cos with Blame!, I could figure it out summat, but with Biomega, it’s like, wtf, who tf is that guy? *_* HUUUUH? *sigh* But all in all, this one was good. I really got to like Zoruichi and Fuyu quite a bit. =D I will definitely be checking out Sidonia no Kishi, Nihei-sensei’s current ongoing work. Though maybe after it’s complete. From what I can tell, it seems Nihei-sensei’s art got a lot cleaner and maybe more mainstream. =(

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