[manga] special mentions

These are other manga I’m currently reading and have been following.

+ 07 Ghost by AMEMIYA Yuki & ICHIHARA Yukino
No idea if you’d classify this as shoujo or shounen, but from the colour scheme of the characters, you’d probably be tempted to call it shoujo (I wish the characters didn’t have hair colours ala otome game characters -_-). But otherwise, the story is solid. It’s awesome. I love the characters! No annoying girls in there too! The anime was quite well done, so if you don’t like manga, you can check out the anime.

+ Ao no Exorcist – Katou Kazue
Oh, this one I was on the fence about. I’d enjoyed it tremendously until they made Shiemi part of the main team. She’s so dumb. T_T I can’t even find an excuse for her dumbness. I guess people might think it’s adorable. I was seriously on the fence just because of her. Haha. Then the series got MORE awesome. And I went and watched the anime which blew me away. XD But yeah, I love Rin. And I like seeing the foreshadowing with Yukio (if he turns out to be a bad guy in the end, I’m gonna cry!). There still are a few lil issues, like how f-ing stupid Rin can be and yet how everyone just lets it slide. I feel Yukio’s pain. Ergh. But yeah, I’m sticking with them for a while. Mostly cos Shirou is f-ing awesome and I just want to see if he’ll pop up again now and then cos when he appears, the chapter usually one of the best. ToT Oh, and also, I need to find out what the hell Mephisto is up to. >=D

+ Brave 10 – Shimotsuki Kairi
This one… It’s pretty new (32 chapters or so now). I read it cos it’s done Shimotsuki Kairi. I am currently reading it now because of the utterly hot characters. I am perservering cos of the hot men. Persevering cos I utterly dislike the stupid female character we have to see ALL the f-ing time. This series is HIGHLY recommended, BUT I also find it hard to rec because of that bimbo. -_- I seriously…ERGH. But everyone is hot (other females included). If only she’d get a freaking braincell and be more self-aware, the series would be AWESOME. T_T But I guess all the shounen fanboys and the editors love it. -_- Ergh. Still. She’s one blemish that’s hard to forget because it’s a shounen series and she NEEDS to be there in order to balance out the uber f-ing HOT men. -_- I _want_ to watch the anime. I really want to. But I’m afraid the annoying female will be too much. T__T Btw, the series caters to both the fanboys and fangirls (yaoi and non-yaoi alike). The yaoi factor is UBER high (Haha. Now you know the real reason why I am preserving so hard!). XD Gooo Shimotsuki Kairi~! XD

+ Kandachime – TAMEGAI Tohru & TASK Ohna
I thought this series was really good. But scanlations are at a halt. ToT I notice that I really like Japanese urban fantasy like this, as long as it’s to do with Japanses folklore, myth, etc. This one I like cos I like Mumiyo and Takuma, the main characters. The story so far is interesting and I really would like to see more. =(

+ Katana – KAMATA Kimiko
A series about a katana sharpener. XD I like the art, and I’m interested to see the rest of the swords Akira comes across. I’ve actually reread this more than a few times while waiting for new chapters. The series was stalled for quite a while actually, but at least Iskulstrip is going to be working on it again.

+ Tableau Gate – Suzuki Rika
I thought this was done by the mangaka of Katana, but it wasn’t. Still, the first chapter was a good read. *_* The series has been licensed so I doubt I’ll see any more, but I “read” (more like flipped through) 7 volumes of the manga in Japanese. Haha. The characters get more interesting. If you can still find it, you should check out the first chapter–it makes a great preview for the series. =D The premise is, Satsuki came across a large book of tarot cards and finds out that you can summon those living in the cards. Apparently, he’s able to summon them and so begins his life living with the cards. What I find weird is that although the book is so valuable, they are pretty careless about where they leave it and who looks after it. So far, the book keeps getting into the hands of less desirable people, and still, Lady is pretty lax about keeping her eye on the book. But ah, the story is getting more and more interesting. *_* Like who’s that chick who’s with The Death, and what’s The Star up to, and what’s Grand Master’s relation to Satsuki. *o*

+ Skip Beat – Yoshiki Nakamura
Finally a shoujo title. I’ve been following this since the first chapter. While I’m tempted to say the art gets better, actually it seems the male faces are getting…stranger? >_< But well, I still love this series. Cos I like Kyouko a lot. And I like Sho, and I like Ren~! If you’re just starting out, try to just quickly scan through the first volume or so. Cos the first volume is DEPRESSING. Every time I reread it, it’s depressing. >_< But it picks up quick after Kyouko stops being subservient. Haha. There’s no over-arcing plot it seems, and little to no realism, but I don’t really mind. I just like this series. Well, if you don’t want to read the manga, the anime is not too bad as an introduction. =D The voice actress for Kyouko is awesome~! =D

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