Updates for Aug 2012

Almost the end of August and what have I got to show for this month? My pc at home decided to kill itself–slowly. First of all, the user profile I was using got corrupted, and cos it was windows xp, the solution was almost no solution. I couldn’t even create a new user profile to replace the corrupted one. And in the end, I ended up reformatting. BUT, now it seems the new install is dying. Booting up takes like hours, and when windows finally boots up, you can’t do jack cos everything is _lagging_. Ergh. I’m not too sure if it’s the install, or the hardware. Something tells me it’s the hardware; something must be dying. Maybe I could hope it was just a fan or something. -_- I really have no idea, and currently am not too keen about trying to figure it out. -_- But if I don’t, it means the peeps at home don’t have a pc to use, unless they use my brother’s pc. *sigh*

I’ll probably clean out the cpu, reapply the thermal paste to the cpu, etc, and buy win7 and install that. Hopefully it all works out. >_< I really hope it’s not a hardware issue. Ergh. I definitely can’t afford to replace anything at this point.

I’m currently on my mid-semester break. Boy, the weeks have flown by. -_- I’ve finished watching Bones till season 7 and totally _hated_ the way the season ended. Ergh. Only 13 eps and it ended at such a cliffhanger! Can’t wait to see the first episode of season 8. The series is crack. Seriously. Brennan is awesome. And sadly, for some reason, I actually identify with her. Haha. If I was a genius, at least I could excuse my own social ineptness, and how cold and insensitive I can be sometimes, but I’m not, which means, I’m just…well, let’s leave the unsaid. *falls over* But yeah, I totally love her, and the whole gang–all of them. Well, except for Daisy. I wouldn’t miss her at all. ^_^;;

So now I’m watching Numb3rs. I’m at season 3 now. And feeling pretty happy about this series. =D Found out that it was cancelled after season 7. I hope it ended well. Larry’s just gone off to space, but he’s been replaced by Millie who’s pretty awesome. =D What was funny about this series was seeing Bill Nye as one of the professors. OMG. I was like, hey, it’s that science guy! “Badabing, badaboom” or something like that. XD The nostalgia! I loved that science show when I was a kid.

Okay, other than that, the studies stuff. I have mid-sem exams coming up next week. All four units in the next week. Hohoho. Ain’t gonna be much fun. And the Council has organised this year’s prom (er…dinner party), BUT we’re having it on Friday, and I’ve got an exam till 830pm that night. So I’m not going. I could go to the After Party, but I have two more exams the next day. Haha. So totally not fun. And it was going to my final chance at going to Prom with my friends too. -_- Totally sucks. I’m gonna make up for it by making sure we go somewhere nice for dinner at the end of this sem. *sigh* So all my buddies are going except for me. And what really sucks is, I don’t even have to pay for my ticket cos all SC members get to go for free. But, actually, in truth, I’m glad I don’t have to spend any extra money on getting a nice dress, etc. ^_^;

They’ve decided to raise our fees by 10% instead of the usual 3-5% next year. -_- I’m so damn glad it’s going to be my sem next year, but it sees me spending an extra RM600 or so on my fees. Actually, the money doesn’t seem like much, but that amount would pay for the airticket and accommodation for the trip I’m planning to KK next year with my friends. -_- It’s either to cancel my trip, or find cheaper housing next sem to make up for the extra fees. ToT

What else? Well, other than watching Bones and Numb3rs now, I’ve not been reading much manga, or watching much anime. I actually have a few more posts about my activities last July, but I reformatted my pc, forgetting that I had not saved the most recent stuff in My Documents folder and it’s completely gone now. -_-

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