Windows installation report

Almost seven hours later, installing windows 7 is at the ‘installing updates’ section. Sadly, I only have 45 mins to wait for it before I have to pull the switch. *falls over* I’m quite close to finishing the install, but, I have no idea how much longer it’ll be and I have to give back […]

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Damn Fopic

Currently trying to install Windows 7 on Fopic (aka Fookin’ PC) again. So far, my record has been 26hrs and installation never completed. I had to give up then because I had to leave. Here’s what I’ve already done when trying installs: + put my Windows 7 iso into a pendrive and made it rebootable […]

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What to get? What to get? Ereaders and the such

I’ve been reading ebooks more than I read physical ones, since I can’t afford a lot of physical books at the moment, not to mention the lack of space. While I’m all right with reading on the pc, there have been times when I wanna curl up in bed with my blanket around me and […]

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