Damn Fopic

Currently trying to install Windows 7 on Fopic (aka Fookin’ PC) again. So far, my record has been 26hrs and installation never completed. I had to give up then because I had to leave.

Here’s what I’ve already done when trying installs:
+ put my Windows 7 iso into a pendrive and made it rebootable
+ cleaned out all dust in cpu casing, and on casing fans
+ replaced thermal paste on the cpu, and cleaned out the cpu fan

Currently, I’m trying another install using a borrowed set of RAM to see if it was my current one dying. Currently, we’re at 10 minutes and we’re on the next step of installing windows. “Copying Windows files” has finished without the percentage marker changing from 0% to 100%. We’re on the next step now: “Expanding Windows files”. This is where things usually stall. I’m crossing my fingers _hard_ that it’s just a RAM issue. >_< Though, I can’t afford new RAM, but at least it solves the problem and I know my next step.

If it’s not the RAM, I’m not sure what else to try. A new hard disk, a new graphics card, a new motherboard? I don’t know. ToT I currently don’t have any of those parts hanging around to try. -_-

I have a lot of things I’d rather buy than a pc, and I’m fine using my laptop, but it’ll be almost 3 years old, and with the heavy usage it’s usually on, I’m not entirely sure how much longer it’ll last. >_< I’ve always had the idea that lappies average three years. Haha. -_-

Wish me loads of luck. T__T

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