What to get? What to get? Ereaders and the such

I’ve been reading ebooks more than I read physical ones, since I can’t afford a lot of physical books at the moment, not to mention the lack of space. While I’m all right with reading on the pc, there have been times when I wanna curl up in bed with my blanket around me and the damn pc in my hand. ^_^; I’m all right reading on my iPod Touch, but ever since I upgraded Stanza last year or so, and it stopped working, and I realised it was no longer being worked on, I got all depressed. T_T iBooks is okay, but not as good as Stanza, imo. For one thing, iBooks loads slowly for my old iPod (2nd gen ToT) and I can’t lock the damn screen orientation. -_- I got the BlueFire app a while back, but it crashes and corrupts my files. -_-

So I actually looked at actual physical ebook readers like Kindle, etc. I was tempted to get the Kobo Glo (USD130), until I found out about the iPad Mini. *_* It seems like my perfect solution. There will be potrait-lock, and it also means that I can keep on playing my games, and I can be reassured I will be able to play them for the next few software updates (or so we hope). >_< In truth, I feel like a fool; I am being made to buy Apple’s new products just to continue playing games I’ve already paid for (or are free). -_-

The iPad mini is USD329; I’m not all too sure I want to shell out the money for a glorified ebook reader (and pay Apple for nothing). Considering that I still don’t own a smart phone and will probably feel like I _need_ one once I start working (only because of What’s App), it’s hard to consider whether the iPad Mini is worth it or not. -_- As long as I don’t get an iPhone (which would cost 3-4 times more), getting the iPad mini sounds like a good idea. But if I think about not buying it, I can buy a new handheld gaming system… ToT

As an aside, most eBook app reviews look like they’ve been paid by the very apps they are reviewing. Either that or unlike me, who just wants an app that can load books I already own, most people actually use the other online/media functions the app can provide. -_- Most reviews won’t even mention the loading books you already own or what book formats the ereaders can read. -_-

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