Windows installation report

Almost seven hours later, installing windows 7 is at the ‘installing updates’ section. Sadly, I only have 45 mins to wait for it before I have to pull the switch. *falls over* I’m quite close to finishing the install, but, I have no idea how much longer it’ll be and I have to give back the borrowed ram. Haha. Well, I can attempt another reinstall with my original ram laters. Also, for the next install, I’m giving up on the original dvd I have and am downloading another version of Win7 to try. -_- I’ll have to say, after cleaning up my pc, it no longer takes one whole day to read the stage where we currently are. XD

I think I should mention, Fopic’s current i5 version was put together by myself. Back when I first got it, under three years ago, I installed Windows 98 and had no problems. But the whole profile shit thing happened, which was why I decided to install Win7. When the install looked like it stuck the first time, I went and tried to reinstall Win98 again, and that’s when I realised it was taking hours too. So _something_ must be wrong.

The only thing I’d changed since the original setup was a different graphics card and adding two more harddisks. I can’t find my old graphics card anymore, and my cheapass motherboard doesn’t have an onboard one so I can’t remove it to see if that’s the problem. Unplugging my other two hdds hadn’t helped matters, and using different ram isn’t helping much either. So…my next attempt is to borrow someone’s graphic card and try it out. -_-

I wouldn’t mind buying a new graphics card if I need to, or a new motherboard. But again, the only issue is the $_$ involved. And considering that I’ve not even used my stupid pc as much as my laptop which was bought at the same time, it is quite pissing me off that I gotta get replacement parts for it. -_-

Oh, here’s my current workstation at home. XD

A while back, I was using the larger monitor as my extended desktop to watch drama with while working on my lappie. Hohoho. Right now, the stuff around the lappie are what I’m currently using/playing with. A 3ds, my ipod touch for my Smurfs, and on the right, 3ds games. XD More on those laters.

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