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It’s been so long, I think I should give an update. *laughs*

I had a whole long post written about the place I’m interning at and will probably post it eventually. But to cut the long story short, I am working at supposedly one of the Big Four accounting firms in the world (though the rep now doesn’t exactly inspire the awe it might have years back in light of all the stuff against accounting and auditing firms in the past some years). But yeah, I supposedly am working in the local branch of one of the Big Four (there’s a localised version of the main website and all), but the employees themselves are in doubt about it being a local branch. Heck, I am in doubt and anyone employed by the other branches around the world will probably be in doubt too. The gist of it is, the company pays its employees a salary lower than banks would, but even lower than other large private firms would. There are almost no benefits; no bonuses (unless you’re one of those people who think your deserved 13th month salary is a ‘bonus’). They will pay your way if you decide to do ACCA or CPA, but other than that, personally, the benefits are basic to the utmost and work culture is crap. *_* Gah. I promised to leave it to my other post, but yeah. Ergh.

The starting pay is _really_ low. It’s like a few hundred below what we’d almost assumed was the lowest a degree holder should expect, and gee, just a few hundred more than what I was earning as a clerk. *_* I had thought to consider auditing as my next career step after I graduate, but with the low salary, and the fact that I have loans to pay which will take most of my salary for the next some years, I do not have the leisure of considering any jobs that aren’t almost 2k a month. -_- Especially not if I intend to still live comfortably while paying off by debts. Work-wise, the company is good, cos they don’t encourage doing OT (unheard of when it comes to being in an accounting/auditing firm), but everything else is really ergh. T_T

I’ve been working for two months now, earning the uber low pay interns get, and feeling totally unmotivated, especially now that I know I no longer want to be in this field. XD But the work is not too bad, and the younger colleagues are also pretty neat. =D And being in and out of the different companies while auditing them is _awesome_. I get to see a glimpse of what the work culture is like in those companies and it’s helping me quite a bit in deciding what I might want to do six months down the road after I graduate. Gulp. Hard to belief I only have six more months left to go. Eeps.

I’ve been worried about my working life after graduating. It’s the money, actually, that’s worrying. Hahaha. Not surprising since after being able to stay away from doll stuff for the past few years, I had to take a look (I’m sending Razkil’s head off for a repaint and had to look around — a mistake, I swear), and got tempted into spending money on things I do not need. -_- I know I will not be able to survive on long work hours and low pay. Actually, after having been employed for so long, I also know that I will not be able to work for a company that does not believe in work-life balance. Or if they don’t, one that doesn’t recognise your hard work and you end up working hard for nothing. I need the extra money because this time around (at my age, I should say), I not only need to pay off my study loan, but I also need to ensure I have savings to grow old on. And then I need to make sure I have money for my hobbies, because, in truth, that’s what makes me happy, and life ain’t really worth living if you aren’t happy, ne? Especially if you’re single and no one’s depending on you but yourself. Heh. So I’m gonna need to make sure I get a job that is in the right salary range for the type of work I do. >_< Definitely not going to be easy. The oil and gas companies are the best to go to, but they do have an age limit, and my grades aren’t the best, I’ll admit. *sigh*

So yeah, my main concern has been $_$. And a few of my colleagues have been giving me some advice about their experiences and some tips regarding the companies to look for. We all unanimously agree: no banks! *laughs* Depending on your luck, you could end up in a department which pulls in loads of OT (which you won’t get paid for) and the no-recognition-for-your-hard-work ethics. *wince* So yeah, at the moment, I’d decided to apply to any company I can think of once I get my transcript. And if I get no responses after a couple of months, I’ll write to the banks. T_T Haha. Thing is, the hiring period is really in December, so I might be looking at months without a job from July onwards. -_- Though with the shortage of staff, I’m pretty sure the company I’m interning at will grab me the moment they receive my letter. XD But yeah, 6 more months to go before the real worrying starts. Whee~! =D

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