2015 goals! Featuring the weekly habits tracker

Since I was looking at organizers for work, I went and got myself a very cheap personal organizer as well. At the time of purchase, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to use it for. Then I got inspired to organize my life. You know how it is; you always have this list of things you want to do: I want to do the  exercising I keep wanting to do, eat the things I keep meaning to eat, play with the toys I spend so much on, but don’t pay attention to, and the list goes on.

Well, this time around, I decided that I’m not getting any younger, and I should start doing the things I keep planning to do. So began my planning…

I spent the whole day thinking of my personal goals that I want to work into my life next year. Planning the goals part took only over an hour. Designing and printing the individual inserts for my organizer took much longer. But I was highly productive! After the whole afternoon and most of the night, I have most of my inserts! Hohoho. The real test would be to use some of them during the last week of 2014 and see if I need to do any tweaking. Hopefully they’re good to go for 2015.

I’ll start showcasing the different inserts I made over the next week. =D For today, I’m showing the weekly habits tracker. I was only able to create this tracker after I’d decided on the areas I wanted to focus on and set achievable goals for 2015. The design is based on the one by Ray here.

Here’s a sample of how it works:

Weekly Habits Tracker

Click for the larger image. My mouse-writing is bad, I know. =D

From the tracker, you can see that my goals for 2015 affect the following:
1. Writing
2. Exercise
3. Toys
4. Games
5. Hobby
6. Emailing people
7. Catching up with friends on social media (aka stalking)

More on those individual items soon. =D The to-do list actually takes up a larger area than shown. It’s for items that needs to be done (either related to the 7 items above, or not).

I still need to create dividers/tabs to go with the inserts. Phew. But I’m feeling really good about things! I’m hoping that this will help me keep to a schedule and create new habits. =D And yes, this organizer thing is kinda addictive. ^_~


For future reference: should I ever have the time or inclination, I’d like to improve on my English grammar, so learning a grammar rule every week sounds doable. I’d also like to re-learn my Japanese and be able to read Japanese properly. So I’ll definitely start looking into lesson plans and create the appropriate inserts eventually. =D

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