Daily writing inserts

Okay, here’s the writing-related inserts I made. The cover page of the daily writing section and the 6 months daily tracker:

Click for a bigger image! =D

To help goal-orientation, the cover has a list of reasons why I want to write daily.  Finding reasons is kinda hard. Lol. Marking off the days done on that simple calendar should be an incentive on its own. Gonna use a bright red/pink colour! >=D

I’ll be writing on Seyes (french-ruled) paper. Info on what that is over here. Half the reason I’m writing on Seyes paper is cos I’m curious to see how my handwriting would fare. My writing can look different, depending on the pen I use, as well as the speed I write with. And in just a sentence, sometimes, you can see my handwriting change. ^_^;; I thought I’d be able to see if using such a rigidly lined paper would change my handwriting some. Sample of a daily page:

My handwriting is decent when I slow down.

That’s page 1 of my ramblings. *grin* That above is me using a pen I don’t often write it, so I was trying pretty hard to be neat. XD The slimmer the pen, the straighter the body (without the fancy curves that is supposedly ideal), the more comfortable a pen is for me, grip-wise and writing-wise. Sadly, a couple of my favourite inks are housed in badly-shaped bodies (imho), so I make do. =( It makes a pretty good excuse for how bad my handwriting gets with them anyway. ^_~

The daily pages were obtained from Ray’s page here. I do want to copy and paste the lines and make my own version eventually. I find the border lines too dark, and I would prefer a clear space for my headings, plus pre-printed dates. I made a mistake of printing out a whole stack already, so that’ll have to wait. =D

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