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Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! Happy Holidays to the rest of us! =D

Exercise inserts time! My goal next year (eeps, that starts next week!) is to exercise three times a week. Lol. You can see my ultimate goal and my motivation points on the cover page below (left page):

Click for larger image

The right page is a measurements tracker. The easiest way to see if results are showing would be the decrease in cm! *crosses fingers hard* It should also help me see if whatever I’ve been doing for the month is effective.

I still need to figure out an exercise routine, but for the first month, here’s the plan:

Click for larger image

The right page is a weekly page. I’m using a two-page weekly spread. What you see is page 1 of 2. In the first box, I write down the goals/activities for the week in bullet points. For example:
o Zumba
o Strength training

In the boxes after (I have 3 on each page), I will write down the date I do each activity, what I did, how I felt, etc. There are six boxes in total per week (kinda over-ambitious when I plan to do only 3-4 sessions a week.) =D On page 2 (not shown), the last box is for my thoughts: maybe suggestions/improvements on what I’ve done so far, etc.

The monthly goal page might change, depending on what I feel I want to work on. Or I can just use the weekly tracker to set my exercise goals for the week. =D

I will probably pay a friend for a fullbody strength training routine, and for him to coach me through all those machines the first month or so. After which, I hope to be comfortable enough to start using the machines on my own and build up my own routine. (Again, thinking very optimistically here.)

In readiness, here’s my new pair of Vibrams! =D

Gotta love being “barefoot” again!

This is the Vibrams KMD Sport LS in Grey/Black/Pink. I got a size 39, but as my right foot is one size smaller than my left, the “shoe” on the left fits perfect, but the right is quite loose. I’m hoping there won’t be any issues (blisters or worse). *crosses fingers* Otherwise, size 38 might be the way to go, even if it’s slightly cramped on the left foot. (Or I can wear socks on the right only. XD) Can’t wait to use them for exercise! =D

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