Work Planner inserts

Okay, today I will talk about the inserts I made for my work organizer. =D Since I’m very particular about what I wanted, I planned out my inserts based on some examples I saw on the web. Some of the inserts I’ve created so far includes daily inserts, my monthly checklist, lined note pages, leave & sick leave pages and EVP pages. I already started using my inserts earlier this month, even before my organizer arrived.

After using my daily inserts for a day, I knew the initial design needed to be tweaked. Here’s the initial design based on those I’ve seen on the web:

Daily inserts – draft 1

Lousy pic, I know, but my laptop screen is too tiny to create a proper screenshot of my Word document anyway. But basically, I have the timeline on the left, and bubbles for meetings, to-do list, misc items, remarks, and a happy bubble to write down how I felt the day had gone. =D After only one day of using the above design, I had to change it. Here’s the finalised daily page:

Sample of how I use my finalised daily insert. =D

Can’t take pictures of my actual pages due to work confidentiality, but the sample above is close to a busy day’s fillings (when I remember to use coloured pens, anyway). ^_^; The to-do list shifted to the top and stretches across the page to accommodate my spaced-out writing. The timeline also stretches across now. You can’t really see, but the lines across the right half of the page is lighter than the left side; it’s to separate any bubbles of text (or sticky notes) I might note down on the unused side of the timeline. The sticky notes are for To-Do items that keep carrying forward: either pending items from someone, or stuff I still need to work on from day to day. I place the stickies on the next day’s page if they’re still pending. =D

The happy bubble is still there, now sitting on top due to practicality constraints. It helps makes me feel guilty when there are days when I am very unproductive. Cos I actually gotta admit I’ve been lazy at the end of the day. ^_^;

That’s it for the harder to design page. The simpler pages I had to make were the ones to record my annual and sick leave. Here’s the top bit of what my the second page of the Leave insert looks like. =D

Simple page for recording work leave – page 1

Nothing more needs to be said, I think? =D. And I also created a page for recording any sick leave:

Simple page for recording sick leave – page 2

That was my first draft, and the brackets grouped the cells that belong together. In my second draft, I drew borders where the drawn brackets are, but decided I didn’t like the look of them. I’ll probably bracket things manually or leave it as it is. You can’t see it, but at the end of the page is actually an “observation” bubble to note down any patterns I might notice at the end of the year. =)

I’m totally appreciating the beauty of making your own inserts; it can get a bit annoying cos Word is like that; but the ability and freedom to change the format any time you want whenever you want is awesome. =D I might want to try to be more goal oriented eventually, and maybe put up a monthly timeline where I can easily track how quickly I’ve been working, etc. Maybe.

I need to create dividers to go with my inserts now that I have the actual organizer to file things in. Haha. So yeah, expect another post on organizers eventually. I’ve also decided to keep my personal life organized, so there’s be posts on that as well. ^o^

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