The Beginnings of a Planner

All right, so one of my buddies has gotten into the whole midori travel journal craze. It made me dig up my old organizer (filofax personal size) and look through it. XD Gosh. I spent a lot of time on that thing. I made my own dividers, put up boyband profile pages, photo pages of myself (I used to be so vain as a teenager!) and what not. Gosh. I never threw it away as those pictures I cut up and pasted on the pages are the only copies of the originals. ^_^;

Here’s a peak of my old organizer pages:

Anyways, back to why I am mentioning this whole thing. I was tempted by the thought of having a real leather journal (gotta love the smell of leather!), but the price scared me off. The expense didn’t seem to make sense along with the size of the normal midori. I also didn’t look forward to spending money on the inserts itself.

Being curious, I went looking at ring organizers/planners, and came across the Filofax brand. Gosh. And I thought midoris were expensive. The Filofax stuff are around the $100 range for the leather stuff, but even the non-leather stuff isn’t cheap. O_o

Not convinced I want to buy anything, I decided to look at what people were doing with their organizers/planners. An idea began to form in my head to use an organizer for work. Currently, my notes are all over the place, and I liked the idea of a checklist for my work assignments. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of using an A5 ring organizer for work. I could insert more note pages whenever I wanted to and I could re-organise my notes however I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I could just go ahead and get an A5 ring binder file, but how boring is that? *wink* I was at a local department store and they sell the Grand Luxe A5 organisers, but they are made of synthetic material and are priced around USD40 above. They look pretty nice, but from a few older ones I’ve seen, the synthetic material cracks easily and won’t stand the test of time, despite the price.

I have not come across any other stores selling these ring organizers (are they a dying trend in the country?). While I was in Miri, across the border last month, I did see A5 binders in Popular (bookstore), but they were last years’ and they only had two in stock. Those were USD22, so not too bad.

So I knew, no matter what, I’d be spending USD22 on the organizer itself. So I went looking for ring organizers on Aliexpress. There are a few good designs in that price range, but the problem was the unknown quality of the actual product. The sellers are all pros at using official images of the actual products they are bootlegging (sometimes very poorly). I also came across a few leather A5 ones that are around the USD30+ range.

After agonising and spending a few nights browsing aliexpress and debating and crossing my fingers hard over my purchase, here’s the A5 work organizer I ordered!

Nice and red!

This thing cost me under USD7 with free shipping. Lol. Took a while to get to me though, despite the registered airmail. My quick review? It doesn’t come with any inserts. It’s a pretty decent quality for the price. Good colour, has magnetic clasp to close with. Has a soft plush-feel on the cover (sorry, no idea how to describe it), so it’s not just some vinyl material wrapped over cardboard. ^_~

The inside.

The inside isn’t too bad with pockets and even a thin pen holder strip. I doubt it would stand the test of time, but it looks like it’d survive a year at least. The binder rings are 2cm+ (1inch) in diameter. Not too sure if its enough hold a year’s worth of inserts, but I wouldn’t mind buying another one when I need to. I’ll probably just buy a plain ring binder to file old inserts.

Is the organizer worth the USD7? Considering that I can’t find anything else without spending over USd20, it’s a big yup. =D Can’t wait to bring it to work tomorrow. [Edit: is the organizer worth the USD7 + USD7 shipping? No. =( Lol. I didn’t realise I’d to pay shipping for this.]

Next post will showcase some of the inserts I created especially for work. =D Yeah, I’m totally geeking this whole planner thing. ^o^;

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