Toys and games planner inserts

I have spent so much on toys, but have always put them aside the moment I receive them. There’s a lack of display space, hence it’s too troublesome to take them out of their boxes and to put them back again: that’s my main excuse to keep buying new toys, and keeping them unopened after receiving them. It’s like the main excitement is in the purchase, rather than the owning. *wince*

I think I’m almost a hoarder. Almost. Or maybe compulsive buyer? *wince* So to prove otherwise, I will take out a toy every week to enjoy its coolness and remind myself why I’d wanted to buy it in the first place. Who knows? I might end up deciding to sell those I find I don’t really enjoy. *crosses fingers*

But before I even start with the toys, I need to actually clean up my room and clear up space for them. So the first weeks, I foresee a lot of cleaning activity. Here’s the cover page and weekly activity page for toys:


Next up, the games section is to basically touch the 3DS and PS3 that I own but have been sitting around collecting dust for years. I bought the 3DS almost two years ago, but it’s probably only seen under 3 hours of gameplay. *wince* Might have been a mistake purchase, truthfully. We shall see.

The goal is to do something with my consoles/handhelds, with no time limit set at the moment, but I’m hoping at least half an hour goes into each activity.

I’m pretty comfortable with how plain my activity pages look. Mostly because I’m not willing to spend more time than I already have designing my inserts. I’m really happy I’m stuck with a black and white ink to print with; assigning superficial colours would eat up even more of my time. ^_^;

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