2015! (and my wraparound personal organizer)

Happy New Year, everyone!! ^o^

2015 admittedly got off to a rough start for me. Lol. Came home at 4am, woke up at 10am and my arms were aching like -crazy-. I have no idea how I made my upper arms sore, as the only activity I can think of was using the handheld mixer when I was making a cake. ^_^;; I was at my friend’s place for a potluck and I definitely didn’t do anything strenuous. -_- Needless to say, I felt like -crap- yesterday. Wanted to get up to shower, but fell back asleep and only woke up at 7pm!! O_O Totally wasted one whole day. But we all have those “off” days, so I’ll chalk it up to that. *grin*

I -am- worried about how my body will react once I start exercising; especially if my arms act this sore after who knows what. I started using my organizer and 2015 inserts this week and this week’s exercise goal is a non-achiever. I had planned to go to a bootcamp session tonight, but it’s my cousin’s wedding and they don’t do bootcamps at the weekends–not when my friends are having sessions anyway. I’ll try to squeeze in two half-hour stints on the elliptical machine this weekend to chalk up at least 2 out of my goal of 3 exercise sessions.

Anyways, after all that talk about my organizer/planner inserts, here’s a pic of what I’m currently using. =D It’s a red leaf-motif wraparound personal (A6) organizer:

Red wraparound personal 6-ring binder!

I got this from Aliexpress, and it was only USD5.99 with free registered airmail shipping. It took maybe 2-3 weeks to get to me. =D The colour is what I’d expected, and the quality is a lot better than what I’d expected. The material is thick and stiff, and there’s actually glitter in the material, so it’s actually pretty to look at. The inside is a velvety-feeling brown. Here’s how it looks with my current inserts all in it:

Brown velvety inside.

It actually came with blank brown pages (kraft paper?) that are actually pretty thick and smooth to touch. I’m thinking of printing lines on the pages and using them for my daily writing.

I actually don’t like the wraparound design of the organizer, as I prefer the book type with a clasp in front to hold the planner close. This wraparound one doesn’t work well cos the material is stiff, so without the string tying it close, it flaps open:

Doesn’t fall open, but doesn’t keep flat either.

The one negative about the organizer was this strong synthetic smell coming off it. I’ve had it for weeks now and it no longer smells so obvious, thank goodness. ^_^;

The inner ring diameter is only 1.5cm, so it doesn’t hold a lot of pages. With only one month and a bit more of inserts, it’s pretty much full:

Small rings only hold one month’s worth of inserts.

First 12 pages for important dates; second section are all my trackers and activity pages, etc; third section is 30 pages for daily writing.

Most of the organizers sold on aliexpress only have 1.5cm rings. *sigh* I did buy a leather one from aliexpress a few days ago cos it came with a few extras that I was interested in. The seller said it has a 2cm diameter ring, but I’m not sure if the seller measured the inner diameter or the outside. It -does- make a big difference.

This wraparound organizer will be used to store the daily writing pages only eventually. I’m going to find another medium for the daily writing once I finish the brown blank sheets that came with the organizer.

I am going to split all my activities across a few organizers. This way, I don’t have to remove and archive the pages when the organizer gets too thick.  I am eyeing the Filofax Original in red due to the 2.5cm ring size and the fact that it’s leather. If it’s still a sale next week, I’ll definitely get it. I also ordered the gold Kikki.K personal planner a few days ago cos there’s a sale and my friend wanted to order something as well. ^o^; More on those when I get them! *grin*

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