Hobby-related: Amigurumi plans for 2015

Okay, so I wasn’t done talking about my inserts. ^_^;; Here’s my hobby insert! What is amigurumi? Crochet stuffed toys. I’ve been meaning to do this for years, so it’s now part of the 2015 goals! Here’s the cover page, where I try to give myself motivation to start. ^_~

Amigurumi cover page!

“Charts” in the page above means patterns. The next page is basically where I list the patterns I want to make.

The focus page after that has slightly more detail in order to guide the activity pages thereafter:

More detailed (“focus”) monthly page and weekly activity page.

Yeah, I know I spelled amigurumi wrong. I’m not reprinting it. ^_^; The right page is the “activity page”. It’s one page per session. I’ve filled in the goals for the first session in order to get me started, but the pages after that are all blank. My first session is basically research. I will write down the week I do the activity in the little sun, and the rest of the box is for notes or more detailed to-do’s. =D

I should be using the focus page to help me set each week’s goals. For example, the week after, I will start practising and memorising the different stitches (if I haven’t aready). And the week after, I will practice stitching a ball using different yarn weights and hook sizes to learn about how those affect the size of the amigurumi. Etc etc. =D

It’s not a rigid-goal plan, and I can learn slowly, or quickly depending on my mood. I find that this is ideal as I don’t do fixed time-specific goals well. After each session, ideally, I should be able to plan what I want to do for the next session; and I should be having 1 session per week. =D

The last page (not shown) is just a simple empty list to fill in the amigurimi I actually managed to complete. =D It’s a page of accomplishments, cos everyone likes one of those. =)

Can’t wait to get started! I’ve picked a book to read and follow: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi by June Gilbank. There are so many free online tutorials out there, but I wanted a progression of things to “study”, hence the book. June also has a blog (Planet June) where you can find tutorials (video and photos) on how to crochet. =D

Another additional link on crochet from about.com, if you’re interested is on about.com.

Also, here’s -why- I want to amigurumi! If you click on the sample pictures, you will see all them -cute- crocheted critters! Oh gosh. *_* So much cute. So much love. *laughs* They look really tough to make, but I’ll work up to them eventually!

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