This is but one part of a whole; the one part that makes up the more personal life that is sephdraven.com.

I’ve always found these About pages redundant. But I guess it’s always fun to do biographies and what not. ^_^

I like cats. Dogs more, but cats are cheaper to take care of since veterinary care is provided by the government. *laughs*

I like manga. And anime. I like almost every genre I come across: shounen, shoujo, yuri, shounen ai, yaoi…

I like music. I usually listen to something Japanese, but both those and my English cds can be a bit eclectic. I like rock, classical, Andrea Bocelli, pop… Anything that catches my fancy and sticks in my mind, and that makes me happy, I like. ^_^

I write about the things that makes me happy, and also the things that I need to get out of my system. I don’t often remember to blog about what I’ve written, but more often than not, I do post eventually, to keep a searchable record of what I’ve been feeling and going through. I don’t blog for others, but for myself. I think that much is obvious when you read my entries. But also for any friends who might want to know what’s been happening with me and how I’ve been feeling. (Though they usually find out months too late, if at all. *small laugh*)