Weight gain = no, size gain = yes

Well, depressing academic stuff aside, I’ve got an even more depressing discovery. OMG. I didn’t gain weight, but I did gain FATS. OMG. How do I increase in size WITHOUT increasing in WEIGHT!? *cries* I can’t fit into one of the fitted tops that I could fit into last December. Boobies grew, waist grew and […]

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How to make your own french fries!

All right, my friends! I’ve found out how to process potatoes into perfect fries. Apparently, french fries are plain slices of potatoes that undergo some processes in order to achieve the crispy outside and soft insides that you experience in frozen and fastfood fries! Muahahaha~! Here’s the source I was reading from. There aren’t any […]

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Blah Day

Today’s actually a blah kind of day. A day where you know nothing’s going to happen, and where you don’t really want anything to happen; a perfect day to wallow in ennui. I’m undecided if it might be my tired body punishing me, or something else. But anyways, so I woke up feeling blah. As […]

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Potato + Onion Bake

I’d initially wanted asparagus gratin, but it wasn’t going to be substantial enough as a meal, so I decide to make a plain potato and onion bake instead. I suppose if I’d used cream, it could have been called a gratin. But well, we don’t have any cream in the house, so it’s just a […]

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Coucous with veggies

All right, so today makes my second attempt with couscous, and it’s not salad. This time around, I decided to make it like fried rice couscous. This time, when cooking the couscous, I used chicken stock so that the couscous would be flavoured. I added a bit of butter to the couscous as well. Then […]

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Baked couscous

This was back it September. It’s my first attempt at making couscous and eating it. I’d bought instant couscous, and all it’d required was dumping some boiling water onto the couscous and letting it sit for 4 mins. Because I’ve never eaten any before, I wasn’t sure when cooked was cooked. It seemed a bit […]

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A Rabbit’s Lunch

So I’m on a four-day break from work starting yesterday. I’d woken up late yesterday and I’d wanted to have carbonara but we didn’t have the necessary ingredients. Since we had leftover chicken from dinner the night before, I made a chicken salad sandwich. There _is_ chicken in between the lettuce, and it’s even mixed […]

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