Bento Gear part 2

Here’s the other bits that got left behind when WM got me my bento supplies in Taiwan: I got these last month, but never got around to talking about them.

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Bento 28: Fried rice

Fried rice: carrots, luncheon meat (spam), egg. Another bento I didn’t make myself. I meant to prepare a bento the night before, but it just slipped my mind and I couldn’t be bothered. We had a lot of rice (leftover from an office lunch session) so my mum cooked up some fried rice in the […]

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Bento 07 revisited: chicken burger

Burger patty with mayo spread, a chicken patty, a slice of cheese and a fried egg (which _must_ be yolky!). It seems I bring a burger for bento every month. So I guess my challenge is to keep trying to take a decent appetising picture of the burger eventually. *laughs* As always, this is a […]

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Bento 03 revisted: Pasta Salad

Pasta salad: angel hair pasta, steamed broccoli and asparagus, kidney beans, grated carrot; sushi vinegar dressing Bento for the past couple of weeks have been rather dismal as I was too tired to really want to think about anything. And also, colleagues have been treating the entire office to brunch now and then, so there […]

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Bento 15: Revisited

Steamed broccoli, teriyaki chicken breast. Did I say no more pictures of my usual bento? *laughs* But I do like taking pictures of what I eat. And this way, it’s as if I’ve got “proof” that I’ve been bento-ing everyday. There _is_ a reason why I took pictures of this bento. This is an exact […]

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Bento 08: Revisited

Made tomato-ed macaroni again and this time, with slightly more sauce than the first attempt. I’d bought shell-like pasta called Gnocchi (Waitrose brand) and they turned out rather huge after being cooked: The only thing special about bento this time around is the spinach rolls: I’d intended for them to be rolled like a log, […]

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Bento 27: Fried Kway Teow

Fried kway teow with shrimp, veggies and egg. Not sure what the rest of you outside South East Asia call it, but kway teow (and/or hor fun) is flat rice noddles. I prefer noodles more than kway teow, and kway teow more than mee hoon (or bihun, the thin rice noodles). One of the ways […]

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