New jdrama!

There are a couple of jdrama I’m interested in currently. Ikemen Desu Ne, a remake of the Korean drama You’re Beautiful, and Hanazakari no Kimitachi E 2011, a remake of the jdrama of the same name. ^_^ Yes, they all feature ikemen~! Good looking (and skinny, I bet!) young guys galore!! For the former, I […]

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Hanakimi live action ep 1

(This post is a couple of days old.) I’ve just watched the first episode of the Hanakimi live action. *_* First impressions: gods, I love Nataku. *__* It’s good. Good. Very good so far. *__* All the goodlooking boys!! *_* The girl who’s acting as Mizuki is cute too. *_* Personally speaking, Wu Chun, the […]

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