Exercise inserts

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! Happy Holidays to the rest of us! =D Exercise inserts time! My goal next year (eeps, that starts next week!) is to exercise three times a week. Lol. You can see my ultimate goal and my motivation points on the cover page below (left page): The right page is […]

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Free training session at Zunic

Yesterday, after work, a few colleagues and I went to Zunic for their free sessions. They were doing free sessions for the whole day in recognition of World Diabetes Day. We joined their 6pm Body Attack / Ab Blitz session. Here’s what I’ve learned: I’m _really_ bad at coordination, especially hand-eye coordination. I can’t learn […]

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Woo hoo~! Yesterday, I managed to follow the whole of the Kathy Smith video and I’ve prolonged my aches. Well, the aches might also have been largely due to the 6-min butt (my butt muscles actually ache on the side) and 15-min abs workout, but the video helped me sweat a ton! I was pretty […]

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Remember that Kathy Smith exercise video I’d talked about back in September? Well, I finally made time for it yesterday. Or rather, I finally got enough motivation to try it out after weeks of not exercising any. *grin* I’d actually woken up, showered and dressed in my exercise clothes–a sleeveless tank and shorts–and was attired […]

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the seriousness of my diet-ness

Had a delicious sungkai buffet at Le Taj with Nuran last night. And after that we went for gelato because the ice cream served at the buffet was rock hard (too hard to scoop) and not so yummy. I bought a workout video after that. *grin* Nah, I didn’t buy the video because I feel […]

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