Toys and games planner inserts

I have spent so much on toys, but have always put them aside the moment I receive them. There’s a lack of display space, hence it’s too troublesome to take them out of their boxes and to put them back again: that’s my main excuse to keep buying new toys, and keeping them unopened after […]

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Weekend fun~!

I was home last weekend cos I _needed_ to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D. And omg. It was sooo worth the trip home!! I loved every second of it, and the story is still as beautiful as when I’d first watched it. And I still _love_ Gaston’s singing voice and still prefer it […]

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iTunes signup success!

All right, my friends, I’ve got my iTunes account set up, and I’ve got a $10 balance right now from an iTunes gift card my sister gave me (I’m paying her for it =D). Wrong, make that $5.05 balance. I went and bought some games: + Cut The Rope : omg, the graphics is sooo […]

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Shockwave overkill

I just realised that under my Shockwave game folders, I’ve currently got: – 25 time management games, ie, Diner Dash (et al), Cake Mania (et al), etc – 26 hidden object games, ie, Samantha Swfit, Midnight Mysteries, etc – 40 games labelled under misc gameplay, ie, stuff like jigsaw puzzles, bejeweled 2, zuma, peggle nights, […]

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[PS3] Flower

It took around 6-7 hours to finish downloading the playable demo of Flower (700mb?). Ergh. But it was sooo worth it. *_* I tried it out last night and after the demo, I was like, what? That’s it? I want more!! Went to the store and bought it for $9.99. *sobs* But it’s sooo worth […]

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Nintendo 3DS

Anyone excited over the Nintendo 3DS? Do you even know what that is? ^_^; If not, never mind. I was just reading up on Nintendo’s latest handheld and while I’m not too big a fan of 3D, I’ve been wanting to get a DSi because of the DSiWare in the DSi shop so I’m guessing […]

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Do you know Picross? Well, if you’re a DS or Wii user, and you like logic puzzle games like Sudoku, you should invest in the game. Or alternately, if you own neither consoles, you can check out *grin* Picross is a picture puzzle. You are given a grid with numbers along the sides. The […]

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