[manga] special mentions

These are other manga I’m currently reading and have been following. + 07 Ghost by AMEMIYA Yuki & ICHIHARA Yukino No idea if you’d classify this as shoujo or shounen, but from the colour scheme of the characters, you’d probably be tempted to call it shoujo (I wish the characters didn’t have hair colours ala […]

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[manga] 3rd part

+ Tokyo Babylon (7 vols) + Card Captor Sakura (12 vols) + The Thief with 20 Faces (2 vols) + Wish (4 vols) + Sidooh (10 vols) + Abara (2 vols) + Blame! (10 vols) + Blame! Gakuen and so on (1 vol) + NOiSE (1 vol) + Biomega (6 vols) Short comments:

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[manga] 2nd part

Okay, here’s the rest of the manga I’d read: + Gin no Saji (5 vols) + Slam Dunk (31 vols) + Beelzebub (16 vols) + Midnight Children (2 vols) + Bara no Tameni (11+ vols) + Dragon Voice (5 vols) + Her Majesty’s Dog (11 vols) + Ichi (4 vols) + Nejimaki no Niwa (1 […]

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[manga] First part

So I’ve been on sem break since erm…two weeks ago, I think? I’ve done nothing much by read manga. Haha. Actually I was already free a week before but I couldn’t go back yet cos I had some SC stuff to do. And the manga reading had already started then. So here’s the first part […]

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[manhwa] I Am Currently Living With A Bear

Please go read this: http://www.evilflowers.com/oneshots/i-am-currently-living-with-a-bear It’s a Korean manhwa, so please read from right to left like you would an English book. It’s just a quick oneshot, but I love it, and simply have to tell everyone else I know to read it.

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[manga] La Corda D’Oro

I did a marathon reading of the manga La Corda d’Oro by Kure Yuki. Which is surprising, considering it was 17 volumes and the main character was a female who had the potential to turn me off. In truth, I think I was reading for the guys. In particular, I was reading it because of […]

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Scanlations finally coming to an end?

Since the cease and desist orders being sent out after publishers have decided to do something about scanlations, scanlation groups have been removing some of their affected scans, and being more careful about their presence online. There have been a number of “angry” fans regarding the issue though. The funny thing about these “angry” fans […]

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