Oh, this was when my kitty cat made me worry. I was eating lunch and as usual, she was around where I could see her. For some reason, she was just lying there. When I looked at her, she was lying pretty still with her eyes open like so. After a while, I kinda got […]

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A lil post about a lil cat

I left for Miri on Sunday and it was only at night when I realised that I’d not seen Misha when I was leaving and I didn’t get to say goodbye. *_* I wonder if she’s wondering where the heck I went. Haha. Usually I say bye before I leave the house (I’m actually wondering […]

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Misha’s new toy

Before my sem break, I’d bought a twitchy pole (er…cat fishing pole-like toy?) for Misha and she loves it! She likes dashing about chasing the pink fluff on the end. I left the plastic bag on cos it makes a nice sound when I swing it around and when she grabs it. =D Misha’s really […]

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After the spaying

The Morning After: Misha is still pretty weak and it does seem like she’s still holding her tummy in. Apparently, she’d crawled out of the kitchen in the morning and had stood outside my door mewing so softly no one could hear her. Usually she’s able to wake me up with her mews. When I […]

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The Spaying

So I made an appointment with the vet for Misha’s spaying and on Tuesday night, she was made to fast from 10pm. This morning, she was brought to the vet and on the way to pick me up from work, my mum picked her up. Let me just say that I feel _bad_. The vet […]

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Misha sleeping pics!

Pics of Misha back when she’d not been old enough to call out promiscuosly to other cats and had been content to stay at home and roam close to the house. I kinda wish Misha was still a baby. Apparently, the government vet clinic has stopped doing any neutering operations. Earlier this year, they’d cut […]

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Misha’s Eye

I could have sworn I mentioned this before. Or maybe I’d meant to post and forgot. ^_^; Yeaps, Misha’s the little kitty I got back in January which had eye problems. The cataract in Misha’s right eye (that’s our right) cleared after a while. And she seems to see fine with it–not that I’ve really […]

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