Winamp stuff

I know we can add lyrics to the ID3 tag of mp3s, but I wanted to find out how to view the lyrics from the tags when playing the song in winamp. Apparently, there are plugins around, but a few of those require an internet connection as they automatically load lyrics, or you can add […]

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[music] Black Veil Brides

I saw Black Veil Bride’s We Sitch These Wounds album on iTunes (shopfront) and was instantly drawn to the visual kei-ish jrock look the band members had going. I can’t find the picture I saw on iTunes, but the image on top is pretty close, I guess. I tried looking, but I couldn’t find the […]

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[video] Angela Aki – Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi~

It’s been a while since I was inspired by a song. A friend shared this on fb and I instantly fell in love. Not to mention, it suited the mood I was in, and I cried quite a bit while writing my previous blog post with this song running in the background. ^_^; (Feeling back […]

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A song (or two) to share

A couple of years ago, I was in KL and I bought the Have A Nice Day cd by Bon Jovi. I was in a music store, and I was looking around, and because cds bought outside Brunei is always cheaper (especially in Malaysia or Singapore), I saw a couple of cds I thought I’d […]

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