Blah Day

Today’s actually a blah kind of day. A day where you know nothing’s going to happen, and where you don’t really want anything to happen; a perfect day to wallow in ennui. I’m undecided if it might be my tired body punishing me, or something else. But anyways, so I woke up feeling blah. As […]

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Bento 05: Meatballs, brocolli and ladies fingers

Brocolli, some tofu+chicken meatballs. Brocolli, ladies fingers ( okra). Brown rice, half topped with gomashio (salt & sesame seeds). I didn’t like this bento at all. I’ve discovered that I like my okazu with sauces. Boiled vegetables are great, as long as I have something to dip them into to flavour them. All my past […]

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Taking pictures

Looking at people’s great pictures, it was so easy to want a dslr so that I could take pictures that look as good. But I never went ahead with the big buy cos it’s expensive, and it competes with getting a new pc or a new phone. And these days, ever since I upgraded to […]

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