Hobby-related: Amigurumi plans for 2015

Okay, so I wasn’t done talking about my inserts. ^_^;; Here’s my hobby insert! What is amigurumi? Crochet stuffed toys. I’ve been meaning to do this for years, so it’s now part of the 2015 goals! Here’s the cover page, where I try to give myself motivation to start. ^_~ “Charts” in the page above […]

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2015! (and my wraparound personal organizer)

Happy New Year, everyone!! ^o^ 2015 admittedly got off to a rough start for me. Lol. Came home at 4am, woke up at 10am and my arms were aching like -crazy-. I have no idea how I made my upper arms sore, as the only activity I can think of was using the handheld mixer […]

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Toys and games planner inserts

I have spent so much on toys, but have always put them aside the moment I receive them. There’s a lack of display space, hence it’s too troublesome to take them out of their boxes and to put them back again: that’s my main excuse to keep buying new toys, and keeping them unopened after […]

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Exercise inserts

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! Happy Holidays to the rest of us! =D Exercise inserts time! My goal next year (eeps, that starts next week!) is to exercise three times a week. Lol. You can see my ultimate goal and my motivation points on the cover page below (left page): The right page is […]

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Daily writing inserts

Okay, here’s the writing-related inserts I made. The cover page of the daily writing section and the 6 months daily tracker: To help goal-orientation, the cover has a list of reasons why I want to write daily.  Finding reasons is kinda hard. Lol. Marking off the days done on that simple calendar should be an […]

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2015 goals! Featuring the weekly habits tracker

Since I was looking at organizers for work, I went and got myself a very cheap personal organizer as well. At the time of purchase, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to use it for. Then I got inspired to organize my life. You know how it is; you always have this […]

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Work Planner inserts

Okay, today I will talk about the inserts I made for my work organizer. =D Since I’m very particular about what I wanted, I planned out my inserts based on some examples I saw on the web. Some of the inserts I’ve created so far includes daily inserts, my monthly checklist, lined note pages, leave […]

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