The sun shines again!

We have finally journeyed to the end of the proverbial tunnel! I got another job offer, resigned and now working with a new employer! =D I finally moved on last month in October. Got cheated out of staying longer (giving longer notice than required) for -nothing- at my old job. Stupid HR. I got nothing […]

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Bailing out

Okay, an update on the horrid job. So I’m at the 6 month mark now. My appraisal is coming up, though my boss has not mentioned it, and I am not mentioning it. I’m guessing she might not want to talk about it until the project I’m on has been launched successfully next month in […]

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Ergh. I hate my job. Okay, no, the job itself is fine. I hate my boss. Maybe hate is too strong a word, cos at times, she seems like a decent person, though most of the time, she seems like a hellion who likes raising her “children” asian-style: degrading you, making you feel incompetent, comparing […]

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A new chapter

It’s been a long while, but I finally got the urge to update. I’ve graduated! My graduation ceremony is next year in April and I can’t wait! =D But even so, the next chapter of my life has begun! =) I was hired at the beginning of the month. The salary isn’t as high as […]

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Work and the such…

It’s been so long, I think I should give an update. *laughs* I had a whole long post written about the place I’m interning at and will probably post it eventually. But to cut the long story short, I am working at supposedly one of the Big Four accounting firms in the world (though the […]

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Windows installation report

Almost seven hours later, installing windows 7 is at the ‘installing updates’ section. Sadly, I only have 45 mins to wait for it before I have to pull the switch. *falls over* I’m quite close to finishing the install, but, I have no idea how much longer it’ll be and I have to give back […]

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Damn Fopic

Currently trying to install Windows 7 on Fopic (aka Fookin’ PC) again. So far, my record has been 26hrs and installation never completed. I had to give up then because I had to leave. Here’s what I’ve already done when trying installs: + put my Windows 7 iso into a pendrive and made it rebootable […]

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