The sun shines again!

We have finally journeyed to the end of the proverbial tunnel! I got another job offer, resigned and now working with a new employer! =D I finally moved on last month in October. Got cheated out of staying longer (giving longer notice than required) for -nothing- at my old job. Stupid HR. I got nothing […]

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A new chapter

It’s been a long while, but I finally got the urge to update. I’ve graduated! My graduation ceremony is next year in April and I can’t wait! =D But even so, the next chapter of my life has begun! =) I was hired at the beginning of the month. The salary isn’t as high as […]

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Of work, and future plans

While at dinner last week, my colleagues and I had been talking about some things, and a certain topic come up and it led me to facing what my current future held for me (again). I’d written about my future before, but it’d been depressing as hell, so I’d never posted it. But here we […]

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Oh, and today is my first day working as a teller (again, though in a different bank). I asked for a job transfer as being a data entry clerk for three years had been more than enough. ^_^; Admittedly, I’d been thinking of leaving my current employer for quite a while now, but the salary […]

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